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Dear Trading Partners in the Netherlands,

First of all, we hope you are staying healthy in these difficult times. The rise in infections has forced your government to reintroduce severe measures and a lockdown. For you, this means another round of business closures and considerable restrictions in our mutual collaboration. As with the previous lockdowns and the months that followed them, we are trying our best to support you. We intend to maintain this support during the current period. In response to the present situation, we are implementing the following measures:

  • As of now, we are stopping all deliveries to high-street retailers for the period of the officially ordered closures.
  • Our deliveries will automatically resume after the end of the officially ordered closures – unless, and if feasible for us, you wish to initiate a different arrangement. Please feel free to contact us in this regard.
  • For all immediate orders placed and deliveries shipped in January, we will set a payment deadline of 30 days. We ask our partners at the relevant trade associations to take note of this in the payment runs.

We can be contacted through our agencies, our sales managers or our internal sales team. We wish you, your families and your employees all the very best! We trust that you keep healthy and are confident that we will be able to meet this very challenging situation together.

Best wishes,

The Beheim Family and Team

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