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10.02.2022 by | camel active bags

Sustainability, mindfulness, digitalisation and communal identity are key issues in our ongoing world of change. We ourselves shoulder responsibility for the course of this process of change, because we alone have the opportunity to positively shape our future. To achieve this goal cooperation and communal spirit are indispensable. “WE adventure”, the autumn/winter collection 2022, embraces this communal spirit while simultaneously revealing its strengths, potentials and moreover those individuals aspiring to changes. People who are alert to #makeanactivechange.

Sustainable long-term purchasing coupled with the trans-seasonal use of our products by our consumers constitute the main driving force for our philosophy. We create our collections exclusively according to this mindset. All autumn/winter 2022 designs are subtly harmonized with earlier collections so that carry-overs present a convincing overall collection.”

„Wearable functionality“ is the insight behind product development for camel active bags for women and men. We interpret this leitmotiv via pan-seasonal and durable material combinations, trim details, packable solutions and multi-functional values that significantly distinguish camel active DNA.

Heritage statements are clearly addressed by our hiking-inspired bags made in natural materials like canvas with PU in used look. Lightweight serenity enhanced by cleanly structured external bag designs.


Women's Bags
Requirement pragmatism is ideally reflected by our feminine and outdoor oriented padded styles of camel active women’s bags. Less conspicuous are additional bag designs whose outer bag concept is coordinated 1:1 with the jackets of camel active womenswear.

Voluminous shoppers are the heroes of the season. Our creativity focuses on medium and jumbo shoppers. Cross and hobo bags round off the programme. An assemblage of multi-purpose functions sends out additional plus point statements.

With their softly padded nylon our expandable bags speak for themselves as the prototype for a flexible, practical and likewise contemporary outdoor feeling.


Men's Bags
Lighthearted, innovative material combinations in water-repellent parachute nylon
are the features of the collection. Multi-functional packable concepts underline practical solutions for outdoor activities. They can be easily folded and stowed in an attached pouch.

Heritage looks in modernised form are interpreted via the combination of 14oz canvas with semi-vegetative leather. An iconic backpack and iconic weekender pronounce further highlights. The backpack’s special plus: a pocket hides a fold-out bottle-holder. Multifunctional also is the wrap-out rain cover.

Outdoor inspirationen communicate our carry-on concept for a new and appealing sportive group, with vibrant echoes of the classical mountaineering rucksack.