Information about the actual situation

20.03.2020 by |

Dear Business Partner,

the worries and consequences around the corona virus hit us all with enormous force and speed. For more than 70 years we have been a reliable partner for you as a family business. We want to do this especially in such an extremely difficult phase.

Our service of permanently offering you a very large NOS program for needs-based follow- up care (and thus risk reduction) ties up enormous resources. In addition, due to store closures, we unfortunately expect lower demand for our current spring/summer 20 replenishment programme and our coming autumn/winter 20 goods. Regardless of this development, we ordered the stock for the complete Autumn/Winter 20 product range from our suppliers weeks and months ago, most of which can no longer be cancelled. The associated payment obligations for deliveries, employees and operating resources represent a great burden for us.

In order to react to the current situation, we will implement the following measures:

  • With immediate effect, we will stop all spring/summer 20 and NOS deliveries, unless we have jointly agreed otherwise.
  • Deliveries will be automatically re-exported by us after the officially ordered business closures have ended - unless and insofar as this is feasible for us, you wish to make other arrangements.
  • Unfortunately, we are not able to realize value date requests for already invoiced spring/summer 20 orders in addition to the services already provided by us and the goodwill we have been accustomed to for many years.
  • For short-term repeat orders of the Spring/Summer 20 and NOS collection we grant a value date of 30 days until 30 June 2020 (possible already existing value date agreements will be taken into account).
  • Based on our current knowledge, the Autumn/Winter 20 goods will not be dispatched until about four to six weeks later than planned.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept cancellations of the Autumn/Winter 20 orders, but we offer an individual delivery date postponement.
  • Complaints about defects can only be accepted after the complete resumption of business activities, depending on official orders. However, they will then be processed for you as quickly as possible.
  • Despite the need for short-time working, you can reach us at any time via home office with business and sales management as well as some colleagues from the processing department. We will try to respond to your inquiries as soon as possible. Please use the following contact addresses:

We wish you, your families and employees all the best! Please remain healthy and confident that we will master this new and difficult situation together. 

Warmest regards,
Family Beheim and Team