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20.03.2020 by |

Dear trade partners,

Difficult times, such as the current Corona crisis, require new considerations and approaches, especially in business processes. This applies to all players in trade: trading partners and industry.

Well-established rhythms of goods inward processing, reorder cycles, sales times and consequently marketing times have become obsolete due to company closures. What follows are liquidity bottlenecks, excessive pressure on goods and, in the end, calculation losses due to premature sales with price reductions. 

The result: The general economic conditions of all market participants have become much tougher, which is a threat to trade and industry.  

As a family business that has been a reliable partner of the trade for more than 70 years, we want to contribute to finding a common way out of the crisis. The continued existence of our trading partners as well as that of our own company has always been and will continue to be a priority. 

Since every crisis also holds an opportunity, we have thought about what we can do in the current phase, but especially for the time after the crisis, to support the trade.

We have put together an attractive package of measures to this end:

Spring/Summer 2020 merchandise:

  • F/S20 and NOS orders have been stopped as of 20.03.2020, unless otherwise jointly agreed.
  • The outstanding deliveries will be automatically re-exported by us after the officially ordered business closures have been completed - unless and insofar as it is feasible for us to do so, you wish to make other delivery arrangements. 
  • Delivery of the F/S20 collection is extended until the end of July 2020. Repeat orders of the F/S20 collection will generally be valued at 4 weeks until 31.07.2020, unless the corresponding value date has already been granted.

Autumn/Winter 2020 merchandise:

  • We will postpone the delivery of the H/W20 goods by approx. four weeks, so that depending on the agreement delivery can be made from August 2020. This will result in a longer and more valuable sales period for the FS20 goods and a positive liquidity effect due to the payments due at a later date, which is equivalent to a value date.
  • The delivery of the goods will be coordinated together with the customer.
  • Subsequent ordering options for HW20 goods will be extended to the end of December 2020.
  • The more seasonal, later inclusion of HW20 goods will enable you to benefit from a consumer climate that is likely to improve significantly by then. The desire for beautiful goods helps sales, margins and consequently your liquidity.

Spring/Summer 2021 merchandise:

  • We are postponing the delivery of F/S21 goods for about four weeks, so that, depending on the agreement, delivery can be made from January 2021. 
  • Very good running and colour-matching articles from the H/W20 collection will be continued in the F/S21 range. We are also checking which articles from F/S20 can be transferred to F/S21.
  • Both measures will reduce your pressure to sell goods in time and support your profitability and thus liquidity by extending the sales period, including the Christmas business.

Our sales team will be happy to give you further information on our package of measures. We are sure that we will find an acceptable solution for you.

Stay healthy and confident. Together we will master this challenging time.


Your family Beheim & Team