TOM TAILOR bags Trends Fall/Winter 2019

13.02.2019 by | TOM TAILOR bags

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The TOM TAILOR bags collection created by Beheim International Brands captivates by its subdued elegance, matching trendy design and functionality par excellence.

The vibrant color mix is a harmony of autumnal nuances such as khaki, petrol, navy and diverse reds and browns. Gemstone shades like violet, ruby-red and aquamarine set additional fresh accents. And the classical autumn colors of curry, cognac, khaki and black interplay seductively in plains and in combinations.

Eye-catching collection elements are feminine and sporty looking flap bags, belt bags and pillbox formats. Clutches, also as shoulder bags with removable strap, give festive season splendour with lacquer and metallic finishes.Decorative features are chiefly dignified twist locks, rings and ornamental carabiner hooks.

Nylon styles are a strongly emerging trend thanks to their outstanding carrying benefits. Subtly grained leather looks and nubucks with finely shiny surfaces round off the material spectrum.

Because our customers place ever greater emphasis on “Early Birds” to freshen up their selection, we are maintaining the early delivery as per May. The complete range will be supplied as of July corresponding to timely order and customer requirements.

Collection highlights TOM TAILOR bags

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