TOM TAILOR Denim bags Trends Collection Spring/Summer 2019

30.07.2018 by | TOM TAILOR Denim bags

This spring/summer collection brings together modern, clean classic designs and nifty details with wow-effect, forming a pleasing balance between decor and understatement.

Mellow colours like puristic white, soft pink and mild grey blend perfectly with modern jeans blue, jazzy crimson and classic black producing a harmonious collection impression.

Sleek and finely grained leather looks underline the clean design. Especially fascinating are the double-face materials in two-sided high-class leather imitation. And canvas too shows its choicest side and spreads Caribbean feeling throughout the city with palm tree and pineapple prints.

YES! Statement banners project positive energy and convey feeling and happiness for the warm season. Let the summer come!

At the forefront of the collection are shoppers in a range of sizes and formats which are rounded off perfectly by small shoulder bags in exciting shapes. From belt bag to pillbox - no form is forgotten - and practical satchels add the crowning touch to the overall collection.

In the new season TOM TAILOR Denim newly introduces the Early Bird Programme and already offers a pre-taste of the new collection in November, before the entire collection is available in January.

TOM TAIRLOR Denim bags will be presented: 
01. - 03.09.2018 im BIB Showroom Offenbach, Bettinastr. 15

Collection Highlights TOM TAILOR Denim bags

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300603 04 Ayla-RET

300608 52 Riana-RET

300613 70 Nelia
300618_60_1_Rosie.jpg#asset:3672 300620_50_1_Leni.jpg#asset:3673 300625_13_1_Kendra.jpg#asset:3674

300618 60 Rosie

300620 50 Leni

 300625 13 Kendra