TOM TAILOR bags Trends Collection Spring/Summer 2019

30.07.2018 by | TOM TAILOR bags

Pastel! Pastel! Pastel!

The blissful ice-cream tones vanilla, pale pink, light blue and mild violet pack real power potential. The wide range of soft shades is a total must-have and even the eye cannot resist the happy-go-lucky interplay of colours! Colourful counter balance is signalled by maritime influences of navy blue, red and hard white, plus a natural spectrum of cognac via stone to off-white in combination with weavings and raffia. The metallic hype is now only indicated - clear and frequently rather cool colours like light grey now tend to dominate.

Rectilinear forms, reduced styling, now the latest trend, is presented by medium-sized shoppers, soft satchels and dainty shoulder bags in quite discreet design. The lady-like handbag with compact handle is again enjoying a comeback.

The new spring/summer collection focuses more strongly on soft nylon bags. The lightweight all-rounders with functional diversity are available in a wide choice of colours. Whereby the lion’s share is composed of soft, grippy leather looks with various surface structures, hand-woven and vintage materials are attractive highlights.

Special attention is given to filigree prints such as Paisley, summerly stripes and modern geometric patterns, applied fabric tapes in stunning contrasting colours and fine in-woven coloured cords. Uniquely woven raffia will undoubtedly captivate the hearts of customers!

There are two delivery dates for TOM TAILOR bags: the “Early Birds” are available already from November, the complete collection as of January. 

TOM TAIRLOR bags will be presented:
01.  -  03.09.2018 at BIB Showroom Offenbach, Bettinastr. 15


Collection Highlights TOM TAILOR bags

25010_99_1_Susan.jpg#asset:3660 25028_99_1_Giselle.jpg#asset:3661 25053_50_1_Benita.jpg#asset:3664

25010 99 Susan

25028 99 Giselle

25053 50 Benita

25054_40_1_Allison_v2.jpg#asset:3666 25048_12_1_Serena.jpg#asset:3663 25045_13_1_Lana-RET_v2.jpg#asset:3668

25054 40 Allison

25048 12 Serena

 25045 13 Lana-RET