Gabor bags Trends Collection Spring/Summer 2019

30.07.2018 by | Gabor bags

Summer can come - and Gabor bags offer the perfect companion for every occasion.

Whether casual or elegant, flamboyantly decorated or downscaled, playful or clean-cut - our spring/summer collection 2019 includes everything that delights. Structured crossbags and distinctive handbags belong just as soft pouches and easygoing shoppers.

Our basis as always is high-grade materials and craftsmanship quality together with an outstanding price-performance ratio.

Smooth and evenly grained materials convey elegance, nubuk and irregularly finished surfaces radiate sportiness. Candy-striped canvas creates a summery seaside feeling, while fresh floral prints signal anticipation for the forthcoming spring.

The colours vary from jazzy tints to soft pastel tones. Rich red, resplendent coral and sky-blue set strong accents. Those for whom the colour is too dominant will find pleasure with delicate creamy tones like rosé, beige, light blue and pale grey. The absolute summer trend colour is pure white. Maritime navy blue, elegant taupe and black still carry weight as basics. Metallics set decent accents.

As customary, Gabor bags places great value on functionalism with a systemized inner segmentation, extra reverse-side zippers and removable shoulder straps.
Already at the end of October the chosen “Early Bird Programme” inspires passion for the new spring/summer season. Delivery of the complete collection is scheduled for January.

Gabor bags will be presented:

01.  -  03.09.2018 at BIB Showroom Offenbach, Bettinastr. 15
02.  -  04.09.2018 at GALLERY SHOES, Düsseldorf, Areal Böhler, Halle am Wasserturm bei GABOR SHOES AG

Collection highlights Gabor bags

8107_04_1_Floretta.jpg#asset:3655 8100_21_1_Blanca.jpg#asset:3654 8134_50_1_Hermine.jpg#asset:3657

8107 04 Floretta

8100 21 Blanca

8134 50 Hermine

8123_50_1_Felize.jpg#asset:3656 8140_40_1_Liana.jpg#asset:3658 8158_13_1_Elba.jpg#asset:3659

8123 50 Felize 

8140 40 Liana

8158 13 Elba