TOM TAILOR Denim bags Trends F/W 2017

18.01.2017 by | TOM TAILOR Denim bags

300301 60 Jonna

Be inspired!

The diversified f/w collection of TOM TAILOR denim bags now announces fresh, original designs: multicoloured webbings, zesty patches, holographic zippers and ethno-prints team up smartly in the many-sided new f/w collection of TOM TAILOR denim bags.

The firmly established young label wins ever new fans thanks to its easygoing formats and dynamic styling!
A feeling for life.
A prompt delivery date.
A super price structure from € 11.99 to € 59.99

Collection TOM TAILOR Denim bags

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300313 60 Tilda-Ret

300306 70 Anne

300325 22 Lene

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300332 29 Carolyn

300330-22  Imke 5492

300311-16  Agneta