TOM TAILOR Denim bags Autumn/Winter 2018

19.12.2017 by | TOM TAILOR Denim bags

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TOM TAILOR denim bags surprise with fresh, sheer charm.

The soft leather simulations are gently grained or subtly glossy, perfectly combined with velours and rich velvet.

The interplay between shiny and non-shiny is captivating and is simply complemented by scintillating metallic zippers, decorative studs and fine topstitching.

Black grey, wine and cognac are the dominant colours, metallic tones are moderate but still remain a key feature of the autumn/winter colour world.

Landscape format shoppers, satchels. nonchalant pouches and rucksacks are the keynote styles of the autumn/winter18 collection.

Even with the high performance level, the attractive prices remain.

TOM TAILOR Denim bags will be presented:

PANORAMA Berlin, Hall 5, Booth 5.34.1 and
ILM Offenbach  im BIB Showroom, Bettinastr. 15

Collection Highlights TOM TAILOR Denim bags

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300515 04 Masha

300503 60 Janice

300524 60 Ondra

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300508 70 Kaja

300514 15 Masha

 300310 15 Ida