TOM TAILOR autumn/winter 2018

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A wide spectrum of soft-feel leather synthetics, noble velvet and fine metallics with high-grade golden or duskily radiant metal rosettes await customers with the new TOM TAILOR collection a/w 2018.

Deep, intensive tones pay tribute to the chilly season. Extravagant colour hues are deep blue, passionate red, warm khaki, cool grey and seductive black. Brilliance presents itself as mellow cognac, champagne-sparkling gold and stately antique silver.

Exciting material combinations generate admiring looks in vertical or geometric patchwork qualities. Lacquer and silk insets plus leo-prints are the eye-catching highlights.

Metal accoutrements like filigree rings, fine pearls, deco-studs and zippers add a luxury feeling. Decorative tassels and ribbons are dainty embellishments.

The trendy forms for the new season are laid-back pouches, square format shoppers, modern rucksacks and clutches.

The successful “Early Bird” programme (delivery June) sets initial fashionable impulses. The popular delivery dates in July and September remain unchanged.

TOM TAILOR bags will be presented:

PANORAMA Berlin, Hall 5, Booth 5.34.1 and ILM Offenbach, BIB Showroom, Bettinastr.15

Collection Highlights TOM TAILOR bags

01_tt_24037_22_Brenda.jpg#asset:3543 02_tt_24052_48_MiriVelvet.jpg#asset:3544 03_tt_24003_60_Nadine.jpg#asset:3545

24037 22 Brenda

24052 48 MiriVelve

24003 60 Nadine

04_tt_24055_62_Elza.jpg#asset:3546 05_tt_24057_60_Glori.jpg#asset:3547 06_tt_24125_15_Mae.jpg#asset:3548

24055 62 Elza

24057 60 Glori

 24125 15 Mae

07_tt_24001_70_Nadine.jpg#asset:3550 08_tt_24028_22_Lorina.jpg#asset:3551 09_tt_24002_35_Nadine.jpg#asset:3552

 24001 70 Nadine

24028 22 Lorina

 24002 35 Nadine