TOM TAILOR bags Trend A/W 2017

18.01.2017 by | TOM TAILOR bags

22029 21 Celina Ret

Catch the Trend!

A multifaceted range of terrific new TOM TAILOR bags is now ready for your market!

With their soft leathery feel and natural look, the carefully selected materials are absolutely convincing. The models are perfected by colourful and ideally matching linings.

Gloss and glamour, filigree plaitings, extravagant patchwork, striped college shoulder straps and decorative tassel tags round off the harmonious all-embracing concept.

A concise and snappy "Early Bird" programme is already at your disposal from May and fires enthusiasm for delivery dates in July and September.

Collection TOM TAILOR bags

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22001 17 Kari

22102 21 Amelia Ret

22035 70 Anika

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22018-22 Sina

22030-99 MiriFall

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