The perfect duo! TOM TAILOR and TOM TAILOR Denim present new shoe and bag combinations

24.02.2017 by | TOM TAILOR bags | TOM TAILOR Denim bags

Beheim International Brands (bags) and Supremo Shoes & Boots Pirmasens (footwear) again present trendy shoe and bag combinations of the brands TOM TAILOR bags and TOM TAILOR Denim bags for the forthcoming season a/w 2017.
The selected styles are packed with diversity and inspiration - they feature natural autumn tones, exciting sparkling finishes and youthful statement patches.

Consequently, for this season also, the license companies have once again succeeded in putting together highly attractive duos from the new collections while still focussing on the latest trend themes.
“These delightful duos give our retailers the opportunity to offer a diversified range in their shops”, emphasizes Senior Sales Manager Nadja Albert.

Collection TOM TAILOR bags/shoes A/W 2017

22029-21_Celina_Kombi.jpg#asset:3172 22033-60_Anika_Kombi_v2.jpg#asset:3188 22038-29_Shine_Kombi.jpg#asset:3174

22202-29_Nils_Kombi_v2.jpg#asset:3177 22104-60_Amalia_Kombi.jpg#asset:3175

Kollektion TOM TAILOR Denim bags

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06_300328-22_Bonnie_Kombi.jpg#asset:3183 22104-60_Amalia_Kombi.jpg#asset:3175 01_300300-60_Jonna_Kombi.jpg#asset:3178