MFG - the new fair campaign for BIB now online!

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New BIB fair campaign and CEO Michael Beheim.

Beheim International Brands is again presenting itself this season with a new and powerful campaign. "The target is to develop a prominent presence that is tailor-made for all fairs and license brands while simultaneously underlining the strengths of our company", states CEO Michael Beheim.

With this new concept Beheim International Brands continues to emphasise its individual customer service and partner-like business relationship. The headline "solutions are our concept" gives impact to this overriding theme using abbreviations, graphics, shortcuts and hashtags (

Whereby ITS, for example, means Inventory Turnover Speed: the faster the delivery, the faster can the retailer sell the merchandise. #fastinfastout

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) stands for the electronic interchange of data between trade and industry and it brings together the dual benefits of local knowledge and range competence. #showmeyoursillshowyoumine

NOS is the familiar "Never Out of Stock". The widely structured NOS programme of Beheim International Brands comprises all the bestsellers and its extended by the comprehensive seasonal collections. #everready

MFG identifies the partner-like communication at eye-level. Goal here is to establish a win-win situation for both business partners. #moresalesjointly

BIB is the self-understanding of Beheim International Brands and is synonym for the message "on the pulse of time and in highest quality".