The mix is the key
Gabor bags and Gabor shoes now in
new summer combinations

31.08.2016 by | Gabor bags

Tropica 7638 12

Beheim International Brands and Gabor Shoes are again presenting attractive combinations of up-to-the-minute bag and shoe collections in the season s/s 2017. From summerly playful to sporty chic the selected styles smartly highlight the trend themes of the new season, for example, metallic, floral prints and material mixes.

The appealing sets give our retailers the opportunity to focus keen attention on the new collections and latest fashion trends. "Bag turnover will thereby increase still further", says Senior Sales Manager Artus Hubert.

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Aurora 7671 12

Aurora 7671 60

Elisa 7623 14

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Tivoli 7635-21

Tropica 7638 12

Napoli 7663 12

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Arezzo 7637-21

Arezzo 7636-14

Padua 7626 21