GABOR bags Trend Spring/Summer 2016

01.07.2015 by | Gabor bags

Highly fashionable worldwide trends in design, materials and colours are perfectly expressed in the collection GABOR bags spring/summer 2016.

Clean looks, feminine styling and decorative diversity determine the fashion themes. Floral optics, plaited material structures, metallic finishes, summery raffia creations, maritime or animal prints and embossing vitalize the collection. Eye-catching metal details, studs and dominating zippers are extra attributes of trend themes.

High-quality as always, GABOR bags are always produced in high-grade leather-like material. A creative collection that combines fashion and functionality at an excellent price/performance ratio. The prices range from Euro 29.99 to Euro 99.99.

The main collection featuring many more highlights is available from January 2016 on. “Early Birds” - already delivered in December 2015 - give the fashion-oriented customer a feeling for the coming summer season.

745212 - Florentina

740704 - Grazia

744650 - Sienna

740804 - Nicola

742121 - Aurelia