GABOR bags – new representation for Norway

10.01.2014 by | Gabor bags

For the GABOR bags collection by BEHEIM International Brands the year 2014 begins with a new representation for the Norwegian sales area.

After having gained profound experience with GABOR shoes and GABOR bags, Knut Island and Christoffer Henriksen will become self-employed with their agency Skoagentene as. From now on, they will take over the representation of Carl August Ringvold, which he had successfully run for many years.

BEHEIM International Brands is looking forward to work with the new team and is anticipating high sales figures in the Norwegian market. BEHEIM wishes Mr. Ringvold all the best for an enjoyable and well-deserved retirement.

Contact: Skoagentene as, Cicignongata 24, NO 1606 Fredrikstad

Phone: +47 920 34 430, Fax: +47 452 77 150,


Showroom: Skoagentene as, Fredrik Selmersvei 2, NO 0663 Oslo

Photo: (right) Christoffer Henriksen – (left) Knut Island